These Ladies Turn Plastic Bags Into Sleeping Mats for Soldiers

These Ladies Turned Trash Into Treasures.

A group of Pennsylvania ladies are gathering plastic bags and crocheting them into mats for soldiers.  Inspired by a news article of a similar group crocheting mats for the homeless, these ladies set out on their own mission to use their talents to create useful items for our military men and women.


It takes approximately 600 plastic bags to make one mat but the mats are sturdy and they wash easily.  They don’t attract bugs and a quick shake gets all of the sand out of them.  They are durable and lightweight and easy to fold up and move.  The article also mentions the mats being used by doctors to stand who would otherwise be standing on dirt floors while treating their patients.  Smaller versions have been made and distributed to children in desert camps.




Similar mats have been made by other groups and given to the homeless.  The group collects plastic bags of all kinds and colors to use in their project.  While it was hard to find enough bags at first, they came pouring in once the community learned of the need and that it was for such a good cause.

Kudos to the ladies of Pennsylvania and other areas of the country that are turning plastic bags into a very useful item for the homeless and our soldiers!

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