The Last Supper Filet Crochet

UPDATE:  I have updated the pattern and added some general instructions as well as instructions for the first couple of rows of the panel, just to help get started.  You can follow the charts from there to complete the panel.

I Made This Last Supper Panel Using My Grandmother’s Pattern

I used to watch my Grandmother crochet beautiful tablecloths and doilies and even a couple of bedspreads.  But I always thought her best piece was a filet crochet panel of The Last Supper.  I was lucky enough to get her pattern after she passed on.  Unfortunately, it was pretty tattered.  So I took her pattern and the actual crocheted panel she’d made and re-created her pattern.  About 10 years ago I crocheted the piece you see here in the picture.  We had an auction at church and I donated it for the auction.  One of the ladies at church bought my panel with the intentions of having it framed and hang it in the church.  About a year ago some members of the church family got together and had it framed and it is now hanging in our church at the back of the sanctuary.

This pattern is available for purchase at the website for $10.00 and is an instant download.  Go here to purchase the pattern.  I have updated the pattern and made the graphs clearer and easier to follow.  The pattern also has the pattern in a smaller format that shows the piece in its entirety and also a larger format that allows for looking at a specific section of the pattern.  Files that contain two graphs that I used as a working pattern are also included.  These graphs are large enough to be easily read as you work across the rows and you can also cross the  lines off as you complete them.


The border around the panel is not part of Grandma’s original pattern.  It’s the crown of thorns pattern and I added it to give the piece a better finished look.  I either misplaced the pattern for the border or I’ve lent it to someone and didn’t get it back so I don’t have the pattern available for the border, only the panel itself.

Thanks for looking.  Please tell me what you think!