Crochet Lace Candle Holders

These Would Be Perfect For Wedding Decorations.

Add elegance to any setting with these crochet doilies-turned-candle-holders.  Take small crochet doilies and form them around an object of the desired shape to create unique holders for tea lights or battery-operated tea lights.  Use caution when using actual burning candles.

The pictures below show using plaster of paris.  I would suggest soaking your crochet doily in a mixture of equal parts of white glue and water.  Remove the doily from the mixture and gently squeeze out the excess liquid.  Drape the doily over the shaped object and let it dry overnight.  To keep the doily from sticking, you could first place plastic wrap over the shaped object.  After it is completely dry, remove it and place your tea lite in it and enjoy!  Add ribbon, flowers or other decorative objects to customize these to your occasion.

How To Convert Doily into Candle Holder

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