Crochet For A Cause

Are You Looking For A Project?  Want To Help Someone With Your Needlework?

Does the idea of crocheting a blanket or booties for newborns appeal to you?  Or possibly you’re an animal lover and would like to crochet a warm blanket for a puppy or a kitty.  There are lots of organized “projects” across the country that would be very grateful to have your crocheted project.

Many of us love to crochet and, after awhile, we run out uses for our crochet items in our home and as gift items.  Crochet for a cause organizations provides us a win-win opportunity to keep doing what we enjoy and also provide an item that will help a child, a soldier, an elderly person or maybe an abused or neglected animal has several listings of organizations that need help in providing items for elderly folks, Soldiers, newborns, children who are ill or traumatized, or animals.  Go here for a listing of several projects and choose one, or five, and crochet something that will help these organizations provide a much needed item.  Some of the projects have specific instructions and some are more open and will accept whatever is sent to them.

Go here for another source for charity crochet.  There are dozens of listings here for hats, afghans, booties or socks or other clothing for babies and lots more. you’ll find 10 patterns for cancer support items.  Go here for more information and patterns.

Beanies for Bravery has a specific pattern for crochet or knit beanies that are sent to soldiers every year.  Go here for the pattern and more information about their project.

There are many, many more organizations and groups out there that will gladly accept your crochet work.  If you like the idea of helping but don’t find a project in the web sits listed here, just do a Google search for crochet for a cause and you will find hundreds of choices out there.

Thank you and God Bless.