Bobble Stitch Instructions

The Bobble Stitch Adds Texture and Personality to Any Crochet Item

This post is an extension of my previous post featuring the crochet bobble stitch.  The Bobble Stitch, or Puff Stitch as some call it, is a versatile stitch that can be added randomly or in a pattern to add texture and raised patterns to any piece you are crocheting.  Add hearts to a baby blanket or a textured pattern to a crochet sweater or cardigan.  See the video below to learn how to create the bobble stitch and add new zing to your crochet pieces.

Go here for more detailed, written instructions on how to crochet the bobble or puff stitch.

Our thanks to Allison Murray of for creating this instructional video and written instructions for creating the bobble stitch.